Vidya means knowledge. There is a lot of information and knowledge available at our fingertips. There is so much knowledge that we can get lost in it. Vidya means a quality of knowledge that is connecting. It is the knowledge that reminds us of who we are, the knowledge that can move us and empower a shift. That can mean inner healing or a realization that changes our behaviour or life. In this sense, Vidya is the knowledge of our inner being, the truth behind our inspiration, behind our quest, the knowledge of who we are.

We at Vidya Films aim to capture this knowledge in film. Film can be a captivating medium that draws us into a world, that reveals the unknown in different ways. Our aspiration is to tell stories of the heart and soul, to open windows into worlds that reflect the depth of our humanity and touch our capacity for transcendence.


Mironel de Wilde began film making in 2002 with a small camera bought in Singapore after travelling there overland from Tibet. He was keen to capture and share his own journey to find the meaning of life. He didn’t have a clue what he was doing though, so Entering the Lotus (2003) was filmed without enough light and without any plan, but it gave him a calling to film that has endured till today.

His other major calling is personal and spiritual development. After a youth spent as a political and environmental activist, he considered the best contribution he could make to humanity is supporting growth in consciousness. His two documentaries Through the Eastern Gate (2007) and A Pilgrim’s Way (2008) are in many ways autobiographical. Mironel began his exploration of the inner space with Tibetan Buddhism and he took refuge with the Dalai Lama in 2001. He went on to in-depth study of Indian yoga and became baptized Orthodox Christian in 2002. He also embraced Islam with a Sufi Sheikh in Istanbul during the filming of Through the Eastern Gate.

Growth in consciousness doesn’t need to be connected with any spiritual system or religion. It is a personal examination of our humanity, our connection with ourselves, each other and the planet we share. Mironel has dedicated his life to growing this connection in his personal life, his teachings and through his films.