Fiction Films

These short fiction films tell stories of looking for meaning, belonging, and ways to find a little more peace and harmony in life. Everyone is always doing their best to be happy. That can mean a lot of different things, and that can mean struggle in many ways. Stories give us ways to see this struggle from outside, more clearly, and maybe we can gain a little wisdom to hold our own with more space, perspective and lightness.

On Time

What frames do you use to order your life? The duites you follow? The schedule you keep? How do they affect your identity? Who would you be without them?
6’/Colour/HD – 2016

Belle Echappee

Even in the most painful moments, when we feel helpless and small, we can still find inspiration to make a difference.

8′/Colour/HD – 2016


Belonging is at the core of feeling home. A girl who doesn’t have that feeling takes steps to find her place.
6′/Colour/HD – 2015

The Light that Unites Us

A father accompanies a child to dreams with a story of connection. The story might also have a different ending.
9′/Colour/HD – 2012